Happier and healthier people also have a more significant impact on organizations.

Did you know this? 😃 Happier and healthier people also have a more significant impact on organizations. Consider these five principles for hybrid work well-being to help you and your company.

business team celebrating with raised up hands

1. Embrace objectives and key results: If you tie together clear objectives with key results, you’re creating a personal framework that clarifies what is important to yourself and others in your company. 

2. Get comfortable with imperfection: We need to balance striving for success with speed and agility. And no, it’s not about lowering the results’ quality. It’s about managing priorities, energy, and expectations for each step along the path toward an outcome. 

3. Own your boundaries: Be clear on what we can and can’t do, and it’s essential to communicate with our team those commitments. Technology can be our friend here. For example, set your status message in Teams to indicate when you’re prioritizing family time. When we all own and respect boundaries, we create a culture of mutual support that promotes everyone’s well-being. 

4. Have meetings with a clear purpose: Avoid meeting bloat by creating a meeting culture centered on preparation and purpose. First, ask the most basic questions: “Do you have to have this meeting?” then determine whether the meeting is to disclose, discuss, or decide. Invite the people who genuinely need to be there, share the agenda in advance, and implement a robust practice of note-taking and note-publishing. 

5. We are humans after all: Peak performance requires rest and recovery cycles, and longer hours don’t mean higher impact. Create a culture where taking breaks is smart and not laziness. 

Finally, we would like to share an excellent reflection Jared Spataro from Microsoft, made some time ago: “If ever there were a time to give one other grace, it is now. Listen and lead with empathy in every interaction. Be vulnerable. Help ensure that the quietest voices are heard. Make space for fun. Make space for moments of sadness and moments of joy. Together, we create the culture.” 

How are you building your company’s hybrid work culture?